What is the Main Cause of Eczema?

Dermatologist examines the condition of the skin of the patients hands with a dermatoscope, in a light cosmetology room.

Our skin is one of the largest organs of the body, and in some instances, one of the most complicated! There are a wide range of conditions that can impact the skin, which is why getting the assistance of a dermatologist is highly recommended. It is also encouraged for patients to find the cause of their flare-ups. It can be different for everyone, but some of the main causes of eczema can often be spotted with the help of a professional. Dr. William Abramovits and his associates at the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center in Dallas, TX work routinely with individuals to help them pinpoint the cause of their eczema and find relief while reducing flare-ups. 

What are the main causes of eczema? 

Dr. William Abramovits and his team in Dallas, TX find some of the following triggers that can result in flare-ups for many patients: 

  • Chemical irritants
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Sweating/overheating
  • Rough fabrics
  • Environmental factors
  • Pet fur
  • Pollen and mold
  • Dry, dehydrated skin

How is eczema managed? 

Some patients have mild eczema that only appears when triggers occur, while others experience itching, dryness, and inflammation for unknown reasons. Working with a dermatologist is the best way to find out how to properly manage the condition. For many patients, the use of topical medications is often best. These creams often have active ingredients such as hydrocortisone, azathioprine, cyclosporine, or methotrexate. For some patients, finding the most effective treatment for their eczema may be a period of trial and error with over-the-counter products and prescription medications. Working with a professional can help patients find a solution faster, even though there is no known cure at this time for eczema. 

Are you struggling with managing your eczema? 

Working with a skilled dermatologist is sometimes the most effective way to combat this condition and keep it under control. Patients of the Dallas, TX area who are dealing with eczema and are ready to improve their quality of life are welcome to book an appointment at the Dermatology Treatment and Research Center by calling (972) 661-2729. Our professionals are conveniently located at 5310 Harvest Hill Road, Suite #160 and accept new patients.

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